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Step 1 (summaries)

Our summaries are as broad as possible. You decide what you want to read about. It contains all the information you would find in the related books or articles.

Step 2 (flashcards)

Our flashcards are compressed versions of what is in our summaries. Here you will find key concepts and important theories. 

Step 3 (Combination)

If You are insecure about something you just read or want to read about it one more time, you will always find the reference on the flashcard to the page of our summary that explains the specific term.

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Summaries are for free and will be uploaded to studydrive and to our website


  • Learn concepts, theories and their definitions fast and effective.
  • Whenever you have questions about a concept, just follow the reference back to our summary.

You can buy flashcards for each task of a course or for the whole course. Our flashcards depend on the summaries we uploaded to studydrive and our website.

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We are a startup with the focus on flashcards and summaries that provide the perfect preparation for the exam. Tutoring in math or statistics is easy because there is only one solution. You know when you are good prepared. Our goal is to make students stop doubting if a summary contains all the necessary information and make them enter the exam halls with confidence about their knowledge. We work closely with tutors and students that already took the course in the past so you always get all the information you need to be able to pass the exam with a high grade.

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